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Broadgate Business Financial LLC was founded in 2021 with the mission of becoming a prominent financing consultancy for organizations seeking outside capital financing.  Our strategy is simple. We believe that the options for obtaining financing have grown and changed extensively over the last decade.  Companies cannot simply rely upon their own internal finance departments or current banking relationships to provide all the financing services that they need.

With this mission in mind, we approached industries such as lender finance, manufacturing, energy, and technology.  Each of these areas is experiencing growth and change that necessitate outside capital financing.  After working with clients in 2021, the company has decided to give particular focus to the niche of private financial institutions in 2021.  Private financial institutions such as mortgage banks, factors, equipment leasers, and others have a continual need of new capital as they lend out their current capital pool.  Because of the growth in the number of private finance companies, these represent a powerful market segment that Broadgate Business Financial intends to serve.