Capital Advisory and Review Services:

Broadgate Business Financial provides capital advisory and review services to our middle-market clients.  These services assist our clients in understanding how their current capital structure affects the overall operation of their company.  Our clients benefit by understanding the steps to making their companies more efficient and financially healthy.  In addition, we also perform review and preparation services on the behalf of our clients.   

Provides professional recommendation of how a company's current debt and equity capital structures affects areas such as current operations, future growth potential, cash flow, marketing and profitability.

Researches and provides data on lenders and investors for clients who want to conduct due diligence on their current or potential financier.  Some projects can include interviewing non-competing companies in different market segments about their current financial relationships, interviewing other financiers, and gathering quantitative data that provides a clear picture of what represents fair and typical financing terms and rates..

Assists in gathering data and then preparing a business plan, financing proposal, or other professional document as needed.  These proposals are intended for presentation to institutional lenders and investors. 

Examines any financing proposal, business plan, etc. for capital feasibility, data quality, clarity, and professionalism.  It then offers editing and feedback for the improvement of these four qualities of any corporate financing proposal.