Nonconventional Financing

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Q: What is exactly is this "unique solution" financing that you offer?
A:  We believe that every businessman and entrepreneur has a dream yet to be realized, and sometimes other simply don't understand those dreams.  Obstacles such as miscommunication, lack of understanding, and misdirected efforts can prevent those dreams from becoming a reality.  We created our "unique solution" financing program to help finance those proposals that can't find a home anywhere else.  We love this division of our company the most because it give us the most challenge, excitement, and satisfaction in our efforts.

Q: Okay, I understand that, so what exactly are you willing to consider?
A: We will consider almost anything under the sun provided it is backed with a solid business strategy.  For example, export inventory financing is one of the hardest types proposals to get funded.  At Broadgate, we would consider such a proposal and work to secure financing for it.  Another example would be financing for the purchase of domain names.  Some domain names are quickly becoming almost as valuable as typical real estate, yet due to such factors as nonstandarized appraisals methods and the dot-com bubble burst many financial institutions won't give financing for domain name acquisition.  

Q:  How will you go about obtaining financing for my proposal?
A: Since your request is likely nonconforming, we don't have the clear-cut methods for obtaining financing like we do for our Acccount Receivable, Equipment Leasing, or Commercial Property divisions.  We would likely start by understanding the details of your specific proposal.  Then we would likely see whether we can place your proposal with one our current financial providers or seek out a new source specifically for you.  

Q: How long will it take?
A: We are sensitive to your time needs and understand that opportunities come and pass as quickly as the wind.  We will work as quickly as possible to obtain financing for your proposal.  However, please be understanding and patient with our efforts.  Because your proposal doesn't usually fit into the criteria box of most financial institutions, it will take longer to find and negotiate with a suitable financing source for you.  The timeframe might be a few weeks to several months.

Q: Do you guarantee your efforts ?
A: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee our efforts.  Believe me if we could honestly guarantee our efforts, we would market the fact to our heart's content.  We cannot even guarantee our efforts for our conforming financing divisions (if you find another broker or consultant who does you should be very wary).  We do guarantee professional and dedicated efforts to your cause.