Commercial Real Estate Financing

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Financing Options

Conventional Commercial Loans:  These are loans offered by conventional lenders like banks and financial institutions for the most commonly found property types like apartments, hotels, office, retail, warehouse, and mixed-use properties.  Conventional loans are based on widely publicized indexes (Prime, LIBOR, Treasury, etc.) and offer a variety of fixed and variable rates and terms.  Some conventional lenders will finance "non-conventional" or single-use properties such as gas stations, restaurants, etc.

Construction Loan Financing:  These loans are used to finance a commercial property construction project.  They can be arranged to either roll over into a permanent commercial mortgage or to finance the construction tier of the project only.  The funds for these loans are usually remitted per-completed stage of each phase of the construction projected.  The loans are based on widely publicized indices (Prime, LIBOR, Treasury, etc.) on fixed or variable terms.

Bridge Loan Financing (Bullet Loan): If you need financing immediately to secure a commercial real estate deal before the window of opportunity closes, then this is the option for you.  These types of loans can usually be arranged and closed within two weeks (vs. the typical 6-8 weeks that it takes to close a commercial transaction).  Once you have secured your deal, we can also help you to arrange better financing without a pressured timeframe.

What types of commercial property can be financed?