Finance Company Services & Lender Finance



Services Provided

Capital Financing:  We arrange both debt and equity capital for finance companies seeking capital for growth, acquisition, recapitalization, and other corporate strategies.  Examples of financing provided include senior credit facilities, warehouse lines, private equity capital invested into loan portfolios, mortgage-backed hedge funds, and many other capitalization options available to finance companies and lenders. 

Rediscount Financing and Participation Syndications: We have established relationships with lender financiers and larger financial institutions to provide credit risk transfer and loan participations with larger financial institutions.

Portfolio Sales & Restructuring:  We have the capability to arrange financing for the sell, purchase, or restructuring of loan portfolios, receivable notes, and other debt-backed assets. 

Proposal Preparation:  We prepare corporate proposals on the behalf of our finance company clients including business plans, financial presentations, loan policies & procedures, and loan portfolio presentations.

Third-Party Due Diligence:  We perform due diligence work including interviewing other non-competing finance companies either in different market areas or industries, contacting comparable institutional lenders and investors, and other agreed upon due diligence activities.  The objective of our due diligence activities is to establish referencing data to what represents typical and comparable terms for similar finance companies.

Finance Companies